Valuation, Licensing, Cash Flow, Pharmacoeconomics, Market Selection, Communication, and Intellectual Property

Yali Friedman, Ph.D., Editor
First Edition, March 2008
Perfect Bound, 186 pages, US$67.95
ISBN: 978-09734676-0-4

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Yali Friedman

Top Five Mistakes
Carlos N. Velez

Communicating With Investors and the Media
Fay Weston

Securing Intellectual Property From the Inside Out
John Avellanet

Aggressive Intellectual Property Strategies
Gene Rzucidlo and Stefan Miller

Market Based Business Development
Ryan Bethencourt

The Ins and Outs of In- and Out-Licensing
Gil Ben-Menachem

Free Cash Flow-the Essential Ingredient for Growing a Business
Gerald S. "Sandy" Graham

Biotechnology Transfers and Models Facilitate Access to Biotechnological Inventions
Oleksandr Skorokhod

Maximizing the Strategic Impact of Health- and Pharmacoeconomics in Biotechnology Companies
Ulf Staginnus and Stephen Russell

Valuation of Technologies Through Services
Ingrid Marchal-Gerez

How Big is the World Market for Biopharmaceuticals?
Ronald A. Rader

Best Practices in
Biotechnology Business Development
Valuation, Licensing, Cash Flow, Pharmacoeconomics, Market Selection, Communication, and Intellectual Property



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The biotechnology industry is growing rapidly. Every year increasing numbers of life science graduates enter the workforce, more researchers seek to commercialize their research findings, and growing numbers of biotechnology-minded business students and business professionals seek to apply their skills and knowledge to biotechnology. Some of these biotechnology workers enter existing companies, whereas others start their own companies. Regardless of their education, training, or the nature of their work, this growing constituency is challenged to learn how to operate within the biotechnology industry, while continually monitoring and managing the implications of changes in the underpinning fundamentals.

Those operating within the industry - whether in biotechnology companies or in associated supportive roles - are constantly challenged to keep abreast of industry developments and understand their significance. Seeking to meet the need to understand how to practice the business of biotechnology, these best practices provide a framework upon which to understand critical issues in biotechnology business development. Experts from a wide range of disciplines have composed best practices based on their experiences and expertise, creating a vital toolbox covering a broad spectrum of topics. These best practices will enable you develop a better understanding of the key elements in these operations and empower you to better manage their implementation.